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Melbourne to Cairns

2,988km over 10-weeks, all done {virtually}. In today's COVID world we need to think outside the square in seeking to support a worthwhile cause. 

The {Virtual} Ride Details

Start Date: 21 August 2021​

End Date: 28 October 2021

Distance: 2,988km

Virtual Ride Route.jpg

The Route 

From Melbourne to Cairns totalling 2,988km. The route was designed to be as realistic as possible were this bike ride to have taken place in the physical world.

Virtual Ride Route.jpg
Ride Route.jpg
Virtual Tech.jpg

The Technology

See all the exciting technology that makes virtual riding possible, and understand why it is growing at such a phenomenal rate. 


Just another example of the rapid pace of Digital Adoption.

Ride Route.jpg

The Progress

See up to date progress throughout the journey, both in fundraising and the {virtual} bike ride to Cairns.  

How can you help?

Click through to the our fundraising page and donate whatever you are comfortable with. Every bit counts. 

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